Winter in China

Winter in China

A selection of photographs taken between 28th December 2017 and 13th January 2018.


Although a short visit, my time in China was extremely memorable. The country is full of incredible natural beauty, ultra-modernity, diverse foods for all palettes and rich history to be found in every perceivable detail.

It is my intention to write more on my impressions of the country, as well as tips for preparing for travelling China in winter, however for the meantime please enjoy a selection of photos from my short time there.

Beijing and the Great Wall

Great Wall of China Badaling

Great Wall of China Badaling

Streets of Beijing

Tiananmen Square in Winter

Tiananmen Square in Winter

Chinese Chess

Temple of Heaven



Xi'an City Wall

Xi'an Girl Selfie in Bubble

Xi'an Snow

Xi'an Jade Stamp Engraving



Chengdu, Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan

Chengdu Chinese Opera

Chengdu Performer

Chengdu Lanterns

Dujiangyan Gate

Dujiangyan Trees

Dujiangyan Lion

Dujiangyan Wall of Love

Qingchengshan Temple Candles

Qingchengshan Temple Candles




Zhangjiajie Communal Fire

Zhangjiajie Pillars

Zhangjiajie Portrait

Zhangjiajie Curls

Zhangjiajie Security Camera

Zhangjiajie Ice

Zhangjiajie Bridge

Zhangjiajie Chairs

Zhangjiajie Landscape