Winter in China pt. 2

Winter in China pt. 2

A selection of photographs taken between 27th December 2019 and 16th January 2020.


After the interest in my previous series of photos of Winter in China, I knew I needed to compile another for my most recent trip over the 2019-2020 holiday period. This time, the trip was by road from South to North - you will notice how different the wintertime looks as you progress through the series.

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Yangshuo (阳朔县)



Shenzhen (深圳)



Hengshan (衡山)


Wuhan (武汉)



Shaolin Si (少林寺)


Longmen Grottoes (龙门石窟)



Pingyao (平遥)



Wang Jia Dayuan (王家大院)