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Founded in 2016, Monocosm prides itself on delivering marketing and design services that serve as a catalyst for digital excellence for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Establishing an effective digital footprint can be a major challenge. There are a multitude of tasks and responsibilities that a business needs to take care of whilst setting up and refining their operations. You may find yourself walking a difficult tightrope when balancing keeping your business working and reaching your audience. It was from this gap that Monocosm was born.

Founder, John Reynoldson’s marketing career started in the luxury watch and jewellery industry. He quickly built a portfolio of clients ranging from bricks-and-mortar stores to distributors and manufacturing jewellers. Today, John boasts considerable experience across a wide range of industries and has spent the better part of a decade providing B2B and SaaS marketing solutions that convert, retain customers, and grow businesses.

John Reynoldson – Monocosm

John Reynoldson

Owner, Operator

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